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Wardrobe at Pearson Specter

Donna Paulsen + blue

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Shout out to this incredible color resource site! They give you anything and everything you could ever want to know about a color from color schemes to RGB percentage makeup. There’s even a color blindness simulator for help with using visible/accessible colors for all viewers.

So keep this site in mind if you’re a graphic designer, interior designer, artist, color enthusiast, or whatever! It’s quite awesome.

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Happy 28th Birthday Holland Roden! (october 7th, 1986)

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it’s not your job to entertain him by sending him nudes

it’s not your job to satisfy him sexually because he’s horny

you are not required to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t want to do

don’t be scared of “losing him”

he most likely wasn’t anything worth keeping

Girls need to be taught this from such an early age.

a boner is not a medical condition. you are under no obligation to do anything.


#shuttity up might be the closest we get to twelve saying fuckity bye

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I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory, but my brain is already busy being awesome.”
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Dylan O’Brien: a summary (insp)

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it went from oh, he’s deaf, to oh, he’s fine, to oh, his brain got damaged by the thing, to oh, they’re not in sync, to oh, he’ll be okay as long as she’s there, to OH WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN “SINCE SIMMONS LEFT”

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